ICEpower 700AS1


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The 700AS1 combines an efficient resonant LLC converter with a massive continuous power capability with a 1x 700 W great sounding ICEpower class D amplifier. Despite the name, the ability to handle low impedances means the 700AS1 is capable of a solid 1000 W into 2.7 Ω loads. Perfect for subwoofers and bass amplifiers. The ability to power up to two 300A1 hanger amplifiers, also makes it great for 2-, 3-way and 2.1 active hifi or professional speakers.


  • Bass amplifiers
  • Subwoofers
  • Self-powered PA speakers and line arrays
  • Active 2- and 3-way hifi speakers and studio monitors
  • Mono amplifiers

Key Performance Parameters

Output Power per channel 1 % THD+N, 20 Hz – 20 kHz 700 W (4 Ω)
350 W (8 Ω)
Output Power per channel 10 % THD+N, 20 Hz – 20 kHz 800 W (4 Ω)
Minimum load impedance 2.5 Ω
Maximum amplifier efficiency
Maximum total amp+psu efficiency 84 %
Supply voltage input 85-264 VAC
Peak output current 30 A
Dynamic range 117 dB
Amplifier maximum output peak voltage per channel 76 V
Output referenced idle noise (A-weighted) 70 µV
THD+N 1W/1kHz 0.006 %